Month: June 2021

Episode 54 – Disaster Relief in Animal Welfare with Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson of the HSUS joins Mandy to discuss disaster response and relief as it relates to animal welfare.

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Episode 52 – Compassion Fatigue with Jen Blough

Jennifer Blough (rhymes with plow) is a licensed professional counselor who is certified in compassion fatigue, pet loss grief, and trauma. She is the owner of Deepwater Counseling and The Compassion Fatigue Couch. Jennifer is also the author of To Save a Starfish: A Compassion Fatigue Workbook for the Animal Welfare Warrior. As a vegan and former shelter worker and animal control officer, Jen has an extensive background in animal welfare and animal rights, and is passionate about helping those who love, care for, and work to protect animals.

Contact info:

[email protected]

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