Panhandle Animal Shelter is located in north Idaho and helps over 8,000 pets in the community annually. Panhandle Animal Shelter is a volunteer, non-profit shelter which is not affiliated with the county or city and receives no tax support.

Home To Home™ is an interactive website created by Mandy Evans of Panhandle Animal Shelter to help shelters and rescues. It provides a positive and proactive method to rehome pets as well as provide support to pet owners in their time of need, when keeping a pet is no longer an option. It gives people the opportunity to find new, loving homes for their pets without having to surrender them at a shelter. Pets go from one home into another, because there is no place like home.

Shelter Resources to Support a Community Resource Mindset

University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program- Rounds Presentation- Community Collaberation:

University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program- Open Adoptions/Supporting Community

Being authentic- Understanding the impact of People in Animal Welfare