Month: September 2020

Episode 38 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Animal Welfare with Kim Wolf

Social worker and animal welfare expert Kim Wolf joins Mandy to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within animal welfare.

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Episode 36 – Access to Veterinary Care: A New Model with Dr. Sara Pizano and Aimee St. Arnaud

Dr. Pizano from Team Shelter USA is considered a leading expert in shelter reform with unprecedented results. As an accomplished public speaker and influencer, in particular with municipal leaders, she is a positive force helping organizations reach their potential.

As the Director of National Veterinary Outreach for Best Friends Animal Society, Aimee St. Arnaud focuses on how to increase access to spay/neuter and veterinary care in underserved communities to help reach the goal of achieving no-kill nationwide by 2025.

Dr. Pizano and Aimee join Mandy to discuss vet care access.

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