Episode 9 – Dr. Sara Pizano on Embracing the Community as Partners

Dr. Sara Pizano has 30 years experience in animal welfare that includes work as a shelter veterinarian and surgeon, management in both non-profits and government shelter and is a sought after public speaker on the national stage. As an Animal Shelter Consultant, Dr. Pizano helps organizations establish responsible public policy, community programs and implement Best Practice standards in a cost effective way that ends the use of euthanasia as population control. Dr. Pizano has served on the Companion Animal Council for the Humane Society of the United States and currently serves as an advisor for both the Million Cat Challenge and Best Friends Animal Society. Consulting work ranges from hourly to project/workshops and community/shelter assessments to longer term retainer projects.

Dr. Pizano joins Mandy on this episode to discuss engaging the community as partners and other aspects to animal welfare from a sheltering perspective.

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